Unwrapping Sega Games on Christmas Morning (1991-1998)

Hey Sega pals. This is a very special video I’m sharing with you. What we have here is a compilation I put together for the holidays. It’s fast cut home movie clips of me unwrapping every Sega video game I received as a gift on Christmas Morning. These were the golden years… 1991-1998. I came from a middle class family who struggled with money just like everyone else… but my Mom and Dad loved giving me gifts on Christmas and my DAD loved video games! We shared in the hobby of playing and collecting games all through the years growing up. I was a lucky kid. 🙂 Check out all the Sega Master System games toward the end! This might clue you a little more in on why I’m such a fan.

In particular, this video is very special because my Dad passed away in 2007. It’s so wonderful that he captured all these magical memories on tape, especially since it’s all VINTAGE SEGA. I distinctly remember all of these wonderful holidays. I remember being memorized by Golden Axe II on Genesis. I remember the thrill and excitement of receiving Psycho Fox on the Master System (it was such a hard game to find without many internet resources in 1998.)

If you have any questions about any of these awesome video game moments captured on tape, please ask away!

Merry Christmas Sega Masters!


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  1. I don’t have any pics or movies, but I feel ya… The last gift I got from my dad before he died was ‘Sonic and Knuckles’.

  2. 😥 :’) I feel for You brother….Your Dad’s right where he needs to be right now…May His soul Rest in Peace in the Bright Heaven…And Always Keep these Collections and the videos as a part of Your Family Tradition..Merry Christmas

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