SEGA. Welcome To The Next Layer.

For centuries, cake has added much fun and deliciousness to the Human experience. So moist, so fluffy, so loaded with sugary goodness. It’s so essential, even one of the greatest bands of the 90’s called themselves CAKE. Without it, we are truly a lesser people.

Well Sega fans… cake just got a bit better. 8-bits better to be precise. Presenting my Sega Master System II birthday cake!


Baked by my dear cousin-in-law for my 28th birthday, this pixelated pastry came as quite the surprise!


The Sega Master System Model II Cake comes with built-in game, “Alex Kidd in the Sugar Cane Forest.” Unfortunately, the unit does not come with it’s own power supply and can only be powered by hunger.


Devouring this beauty was bittersweet, but mostly sweet (it is a cake, afterall.) Thankfully, I snatched these cool pictures before the evidence was gone. Eating a Sega Master System was a little surreal, but in my family, we take retrogaming to a whole ‘nother level!

Now, there really are no limits.


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