“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it all started with a KIDD.”

That’s what I imagine Walt Disney would say had he been the mastermind behind Sega and the SEGA MASTER SYSTEM. As a young gamer in the late 1980’s, I was first introduced to Sega’s 8-bit wonder through a neighbor friend. He owned the arcade port of Space Harrier. At the age of three, there wasn’t much I could do, but the visuals were so enticing… so riveting to the eye. The music was futuristic, yet warm, conjuring up a sense of fun and adventure I’d never experienced before. Unlike the cold and hopeless dystopias commonly found in modern Sci Fi movies and games, this game, and the Sega Master System as a whole, was something different. Something fantastic.

I was an American Nintendo boy. Running and jumping with Super Mario. Throwing hammers with Master Higgins. Yet, despite these amazing games, the characters and worlds I had experienced playing the Master System stuck with me. I wanted to run and jump with Alex Kidd and throw a few hammers with Wonder Boy. And of course, I wanted to once again run a marathon with Space Harrier across the Fantasy Zone.

I finally got that chance on my 8th birthday in 1994. My Dad (whom shared in much of the joy and excitement of video gaming with me) and I had been scouring the local pawn shops and garage sales of Houston, TX; searching high and low for the elusive Sega Master System. A rare console even in 1994 (without the invention of the Internet), we’d managed to procure a number of games, but had little luck finding the system to play them on. That wonderful 8th birthday, captured on tape in the video below, says it all!

What you’ve just watched is quite a nostalgia trip. For those who owned a Sega, yes, but especially for me. As the years marched on, my love for the charming; colorful gaming machine – with all of its amazing characters and worlds – never diminished. In 2000, at the age of 14 and with the permission of my Dad, I secured the domain name segamastersystem.com and built a fan site. A little rough around the edges, and web designed as old school as they come, the site went on to create a large community of Sega Master System fans, one that still flourishs on sega8bit.com.

With the pressures of school and the pursuit of a career, I abandoned the site in 2005. Then, my Dad passed away in 2007. I did very little gaming for many years, focusing on writing and producing films and just trying to get a grasp on life. I came to faith as a Christian, and eventually married the love of my life in 2012.

And she’s the reason SegaMasterSystem.com exists today. Once she heard the story of my long history with the console, she purchased the domain for me at a premium price. It was her wedding gift to me.

If you’ve stuck with me this far through this reading, I’m sure you realize that this is a very personal site. The Sega Master System is a symbol of my youth. It’s probably some sort of symbol for you too. This may be the first time you’ve ever heard of it.

Our goal with this site is to bring back an awareness of something special. Something long since past, but not forgotten. I’ve said it many times before… Sega was the Walt Disney of gaming. In a nutshell, we’d like to be the Walt Disney of Sega Master System sites!