Yes, we love creating new and original Sega Master System video content, but we’re also all about “user generated” content.

If you have an original series, or even just a one off production, you can have your video featured on

Some ideas for videos we’re looking for:

1. Reviews – A video review of a particular SMS game.
2. Collection Videos – That’s a video of you showcasing your Sega Master System collection!
3. Short Films – Scripted movies that have a distinct Sega Master System theme. (One of our specialties here at!)
4. SMS Testimonial – A video blog that features you explaining to us your Sega Master System life story!
5. Let’s Plays – Those are videos that showcase your skills as you play through an SMS game while talking about it! (These must be in complete format, not segments).

OK a few ground rules:

1. Your video must be something original, that you created. Any passing off other people’s work as your own will not be excepted under ANY circumstances!
2. Videos with excessive use of profanity, racial or ethnic slurs, offensive or harmful content, spam, pornography, or any illegal activities are NOT allowed. WHATSOEVER!

TO SUBMIT: Please post a link to your video in the comments section of THIS PAGE. Youtube and Vimeo links are currently the only ones we accept. Please include the name of your video, or in other words, the name you’d like the video to be called on the site.

Your video will go through a review process to determine whether or not it belongs on GOOD LUCK!

Be creative! Be fun! Be yourself! This is a website where we wish for creativity to flourish, and creativity amidst the Sega Master System community can only be a good thing!




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