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Take Hold Of The SEGA Adventure!

Take hold of the SEGA adventure!

Childhood really was an adventure wasn’t it? For me, as a young boy, SEGA was perhaps my greatest obsession.

The above video is probably the first Master System fan video I ever created. Way back in 1996 at the age of ten, I asked my Dad to film a video featuring myself talking about the Sega Master System. These sorts of videos were commonplace in our family. Often we would record gameplay footage of new games we’d bought and send them out via mail to my cousins in New York, who were also BIG gamers. We were all about video games in my family, a fact that led me (as an only child) to be a very lucky kid.

In 1994, I received a Master System for my birthday (There’s a video documenting that momentous event HERE). Consoles like the SMS and Atari 2600 were the reason I became a self proclaimed collector at the age of eight! In our “game hunts”, we combed the city for elusive and hard to find SMS games. My Dad (happy to be in on the excitement) took me to pawn shops, yard sales, and old department stores. There wasn’t a bargain bin in town that we didn’t dive into! As a result, most of my current (near complete) US collection of Master System games was obtained between the years of 1994-2000. It was a magical season of my life, one that thankfully was well documented by my Dad.


You’ll hear my Dad talk so enthusiastically about SEGA and video gaming in this video. He was the original gamer. I do miss him, but it’s so wonderful being able to share his love of the hobby (and more importantly, his love for me) with the retrogaming community through this website and our old home movies. And while nostalgia is awesome, I’m even more excited about having moments like this with my own kids some day.


Unwrapping Sega Games on Christmas Morning (1991-1998)

Hey Sega pals. This is a very special video I’m sharing with you. What we have here is a compilation I put together for the holidays. It’s fast cut home movie clips of me unwrapping every Sega video game I received as a gift on Christmas Morning. These were the golden years… 1991-1998. Read the rest of this entry

Sega Master System Birthday ’94